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Wire mesh and screens

NiLTECH offers many types of wire meshes: dutch wire mesh, wire cloth, electrowelded nets, crimped wire mesh. Also offers perforated plates, expanded metals and welded slotted wedge wire screens.


Filters and products of bolters

We offer a wide range of standard filter elements made off wire mesh out. For special orders we are able to produce other filter elements acc.


Niltech company specializes in professional regeneration of filters and screen decks. Our machine park allows for precise welding sheets even less than 1 mm thicknes. Modern micro-welding machines can weld non-ferrous metals, hardfacing tools and injection molds up to a hardness of 70 HRC.


Most popular products

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The water filter DN 50
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20 years have passed!
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Beer bottom modernization
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18 years of Niltech
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Niltech offers steel sieves and design filter elements with different types of screens.

To provide customers with high quality products we cooperate with specialized sieves manufacturers from all Europe. Our main partner is the Belgian company Trislot , which specializes in the production of slotted sieves in different shapes and form …


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