The alternative for woven nets is wire cloth defined as Dutch wire mesh. The advantage of the wire cloth is high pressure resistance at small retention (5-280 um). Filter fabric has such an effect because it is made of two types of wire of different diameters, tightly fitting to one another. When viewed from above at such a net, we cannot see any meshes and that is why this net is also defined as non-mesh net. The meshes can be seen only in a three-dimensional cross section. In a popular plain weave the framework of wire cloth consists of parallel thicker warp wires, which are interwoven “over” and then „under” through thinner weft wires tightly fitting to one another. In order to reinforce the structure additionally, also a twill weave is woven in which weft wires interweave every several warp wires at a time. It is also possible to make the so called reverse, i.e. a weave in which the warp is thicker that the weft.

This fabric has been used mainly in filtration, plastics, foil, fuels and other liquids and gases.

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