slotted candel cartridges for precoat filtration and self cleaning filters.


We make filters and candle cartridges from own projects or customer requirements. Candle filters (cartridges) are usually produced from slotted tubes as precoat cartridges (kieselguhr) or self-cleaning liquid and gas filters. We also make candle filters where the filtering element is a wire woven or perforated steel screen. Depend of customer demand we can make filter from all kinds of tips ( muffs, nipples, threads ) and strengthening ( spiral, cross bars, perforated ). Slotted pipes gives a very wide range product selection options ( different filter surface, resistance to different pressure ). Almost all our candle cartridges are made high-quality acid-resistant steels: AISI 304, AISI 316, Hastelloy.

Product description:

  • gap filtering from 25μm,
  • a wide range of available diameters (from 20 mm to 916 mm) and lengths (up to 2900 mm),
  • strong construction,

  • long service life,

  • easy to clean,

  • two directions of filtration, from outside to inside and from inside to outside,

  • enables accumulation of debris in the cover (reverse flow),
  • enables the use of reverse washing,
  • in diatomaceous filters – easy application of the filter cake and its discharge.
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