Rotary filters type OSW (Rotary Sieve with Inner Flow) are open filters with very high efficiency, and they very good for separating solid particles from liquids at low operating and cleaning costs. The solid fraction is trapped inside the rotating screen and then transported to the discharge pan. Dehydration occurs during transport. The slots in the rotating drum let the liquid pass through, and the solids are trapped inside. After reaching the end of the drum, dehydrated scraps are removed. The OSW rotary filter can be equipped with an outside cleaning system to clean the slot gaps. In addition, OSW rotary filter can be equipped with automatic control system.

Rotary screens can be used by:

  • production facility of vegetables and fruits: waste water, transporting water, washing water, juice filtration
  • sugar mills and potato industry: hydrotransport water, juice

  • meat and fish plants: sewage, transport water

  • chemical plants: washing and transporting water
  • municipal plant : preliminary pretreatment of urban wastewater
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