The slotted grate supporting the sand bed with backwash module. The air distribution system is mounted on the bottom of the filter chamber. Above it are the slotted screen panels (with unique non-clog working V-shaped wire profile) which support the sand bed. Rinsing the contaminated bed is carried out by reversal to direction of flow with increasing the speed. The bed is moved by a constant inflow from the air distribution system located at the bottom.

Use in:

drinking water production

swimming pool water filtration

– Water purification and treatment

– Preparation of cooling water

– Pretreatment before membrane systems

– Iron and manganese removal from water

Product advantages :

100% coverage of the filter surface, regardless of its dimensions.

It does not require any special tank bottom construction.

The specific drainage structure maintains the same bed thickness at each point of the filter, so there is no unevenness in the flows during filtration and rinsing.

Easy and cheap installation of the system.

Easy to fill and remove the bed from a flat surface.

The rinsing efficiency is the same at every point of the filter due to the steady air distribution through the distribution system and the same bed height.

Slotted panels have a large surface which allows to minimize the number of assembly zones.

Ideally equal surface drainage allows easy assembling and maintenance.

The construction of drainage allows serviceman easy review of the system both outside and inside.

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