Slotted welded screens can be used as the slotted filter bottom, which also works as drainage supporting of the tank contents. They are characterized by a precise slot, large filter surface, mechanical strength and non-clogging gaps, so they are more and more often replacing filter bottoms (drainage) made of milled, perforated or woven screens. Niltech specializes in designing and construction of drainage perfectly adapted to the tank shape and providing high filtration capacity and mechanical strength. Depending on the size and shape of the tank, the bottom can be segmented into different forms. The bottom filter can have holes for the discharge of spent grain or the central shaft. With our experience, we can help to propose the best solution.

Filter bottom – the most common application:

  • filter vats in pharmaceutical brewing (brewery vats)

  • small breweries and home breweries

  • catalytic processes in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

  • gravel filters and ion exchangers in drinking or technological water preparation.

  • polystyrene foaming machines

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