Metal Wire Cloth

Metal Wire Cloth is one of the most popular products, chosen by Our Customer. Simplicity and great possibilities for aplication made them usefull in almost every kind of industry



Steel woven wire mesh is known under various names. It can also be named steel wire cloth, woven steel screens or wire screens. They are used in a wide range of applications in various branches of industry. It is possible due to many kinds of weaves.


The most popular weave that is used in steel woven wire mesh is plain weave. Its advantage is simplicity which combines tight weave with high precision. Wire screens woven with this type of weave are woven as follows: one weft wire interweaves alternately the subsequent warp wires beginning with interweaving “over” and then “under” the subsequent warp wire. The gaps between subsequent wires form a mesh.

In the processes, which destabilise mesh easily and a tougher construction of a woven wire screen is needed, a twill weave, also known as a herring weave, is used. The name originates from the fact that in the production of woven wire nets with twill weave, diagonal patterns are formed on their surfaces. Their angle of inclination depends on the diameter of wire and meshes of woven netting. In the basic twill weave the weft wire lies over one and then below two or more subsequent warp wires. This weave makes it possible to produce a woven netting with the wire of relatively bigger diameter in relation to mesh size. Such a structure of a woven netting helps withstand greater pressure.

In our offer you can also find nettings and screens made of other materials. We offer phosphor-bronze metal mesh, bronze metal mesh and copper metal mesh.

Numerous possibilities of application, simplicity as well as good price make the steel woven nettings one of the most popular products selected by our clients.

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